Howe Sound Tour



Level: Very hard
Minimum number of participants

Howe Sound Tour

Are you new to kayaking but have already imagined yourself paddling around the Broken Islands, Johnstone Straight, or other remote destinations? This multi-day tour combines the essential elements of our Basic Sea Kayaking class with a memorable two-day adventure. Bowen Island Sea Kayaking guides prepare the group with on-the-dock and in-water instruction before launching kayaks and paddling through open water to Gambier Island for an overnight camp-out. Paddling back to the Bowen Island Marina the next day provides more opportunity to practice skills and appreciate the natural beauty of Howe Sound.

Two days/one night for two people: $450 each; three people: $325 each; four people: $250 each. Includes food, guide, kayak rental equipment.

Would you like to explore more of the Howe Sound Marine Trail? Extend your trip to 3 days and 2 nights and discover more of the beauty and some of the fabulous camping opportunities in The Sound. Two people: $550 each; Three people $475 each; Four people $400.

Call to discuss potential dates and reservation details: 604-947-9266

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