‘Round Bowen Challenge

Join more than 100 paddlers in a race to circumnavigate Bowen Island’s picturesque coast in what has been called the West Coast’s biggest one-day kayak race.*

The 'Round Bowen Challenge is open to paddlers of high performance kayaks, fast sea kayaks, sea kayaks, OC 1’s and 2’s, and stand-up paddle boards. Participants may race solo or tandem. The race ends with a dock party, awards ceremony, and the now famous, post-race salmon BBQ in the Bowen Island Marina. Click the "Register Now" button to sign up for this year's race.

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Island Challenge (33km)
Paddlers start and finish in Snug Cove. SUP and standard kayaks start at 9:30am, the HPKs, fast sea kayaks, and OC 1’s and 2’s depart at 10:30.

Half Island Challenge (13-19km)
The half-island race starts at 11:30 in Tunstall Bay on Bowen's west side and ends in Snug Cove. Shuttles available. Depending on wind and, therefore, race direction, the half island race is either 13 or 19km.

Located just west of Vancouver in Howe Sound, Bowen Island is a 20-minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay. Bowen Island Sea Kayaking hosts the annual race with support from a variety of sponsors, including Seaward Kayaks, Ruddy Potato grocery, Deep Cove Canoe & Kayak, Bowen Island Pub, THINK Kayak and Starboard paddle boards.

Early bird registration, until April 20, is $45. Regular registration from April 21 until June 20, is $55. Starting June 21 the registration fee is $75. Please note that each class requires a minimum of five participants in order to qualify.

Race Classes

Men’s Sea Kayak (Men’s SK)
Men’s Double Sea Kayak (Men’s SK2)
Men’s Fast Sea Kayak (Men’s FSK)
Men’s Double Fast Sea Kayak (Men’s FSK2)
Men’s High Performance Kayak (Men’s HPK)
Men’s Double High Performance Kayak (Men’s HPK2)
Women’s Sea Kayak (Women’s SK)
Women’s Double Sea Kayak (Women’s SK2)
Women’s Fast Sea Kayak (Women’s FSK)
Women’s Double Fast Sea Kayak (Women’s FSK2)
Women’s High Performance Kayak (Women’s HPK)
Women’s Double High Performance Kayak (Women’s HPK2)
Mixed Double Sea Kayak (Mixed SK2)
Mixed Double Fast Sea Kayak (Mixed FSK2)
Mixed Double High Performance Kayak (Mixed HPK2)
Men’s Outrigger Canoe (Men’s OC)
Men’s Double Outrigger Canoe (Men’s OC2)
Women’s Outrigger Canoe (Women’s OC)
Women’s Double Outrigger Canoe (Women’s OC2)
Mixed Double Outrigger Canoe (Mixed OC2)
Men’s Standup Paddleboard 12’6” (Mens SUP 12’6”)
Men’s Standup Paddleboard 14’ (Men’s SUP 14”)
Men’s Standup Paddleboard Prone (Men’s SUP Prone)
Men’s Standup Paddleboard 12’6″ Relay (Men’s SUP 12’6″ Relay)
Women’s Standup Paddleboard 12’6” (Women’s SUP 12’6″)
Women’s Standup Paddleboard 14’ (Women’s SUP 14′)
Women’s Standup Paddleboard Prone (Women’s SUP Prone)
Women’s Standup Paddleboard 12’6″ Relay (Women’s SUP 12’6″ Relay)

* As far as we know — please let us know if our claim is unfounded.

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Thanks to all of our participants this past year! Race results can be found on Webscorer.