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5 Family Friendly Adventures on Bowen Island

Family Friendly Bowen Island

With British Columbians setting out across the province on summer vacations, many are looking for family friendly options to keep the whole gang entertained. Look no further than Bowen Island, only 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver. Bowen is one of the best day trips within the Vancouver Lower Mainland. Check out these options that are just as much fun for the adults as they are for the kids.

1. Family Kayaking Tours

We may be a little biased, but kayaking is an amazing family activity. With boats of all sizes we can easily set up a family for a few hours of fun on the water. When you join in a Shoreline Tour with one of our experienced guides, we take care of all of your paddling logistics and you get to enjoy the day. What better way to learn about history and marine life of Howe Sound and you’ll likely see seals and eagles, not to mention sea stars and potentially sea lions too. One child under 50 lbs can travel for free with 2 adults in a double kayak or email us to help select a set up for your family.

2. Hunting for Beach Treasures

Bring a pail, your sunhat and a keen eye. You can set out to find treasures on any one of the many beaches surrounding the island. Search for sea glass of all colours and save the pieces as momentos of the day or for future art projects.

3. Bowen Bike Park

Opened in 2018 and managed by Bowen Island Municipality, the bike park is free to use.  This 1,600 square meter park is located behind the Bowen Island Community School, only a 5 minute peddle from the ferry terminal. This shady spot has a wide range of tracks for all types of riders. There is no extra charge for pedestrians to bring their bikes on the ferry and when you’re not using your bike, there is lots of space to lock them up beside the terminal.

4. Stroll, Walk or Hike Through Crippen Park

Crippen Park is managed by Metro Vancouver Regional Parks and has trails for all abilities. Whether you want to meander beside the creek, loop around Killarney Lake or head up to Dorman Point lookout, each area has something special to offer. Better still, the park and trails are all within walking distance of the ferry terminal. So grab your water bottle and maybe an ice cream, and enjoy the walk.

5. A Picnic with Water Views

There’s no shortage of cafes and restuarants to check out for lunch but why not grab something to go and head towards the water for great views or a beach break. Tunstall Bay is a favourite for locals or check out the small beaches along Cape Roger Curtis where you may luck into a private retreat for an hour or two. Looking to do some people watching? Head towards the docks beside the ferry terminal for great eats from our neighbours at Branch on Bowen and Tell Your Friends Cafe.

What are some of your family friendly adventures?