You may feel comfortable splashing around in a kayak but real proficiency comes with good instruction. Take one of our classes to increase confidence, skill level, and most importantly, safety.

Lessons can help in unexpected ways from improving physical comfort by learning better stroke technique to the psychological comfort of knowing how to rescue yourself or another paddler.

Our lead instructors have more than 50 years of combined paddling experience and hold Sea Kayaking and Wilderness First Aid certifications.

All classes require a minimum of 2 participants.

What to Bring

Be prepared for your adventure

Swimming apparel, change of clothes

Ziplock bag or Waterproof Case for cell phone, valuables

Hat & Sunscreen

Synthetic (think gym wear) or wool clothing

Water Bottle

Neoprene booties or other water shoes like Tevas. Running shoes are okay.

Sunglasses with “croakies” or keepers

Jeans, cotton shirts, and flip flops are NOT advised

Wetsuits are provided for capsize classes depending on water temperature

For planning your trip and more information, please refer to our FAQs