Touring the inlets, islands, and beaches around Bowen Island with one of our experienced guides is a great way to enjoy time on the water and get close to nature

Bowen Island Sea Kayaking guides are trained in safety and well-versed in island history. While navigating the shoreline, they will share their knowledge of the geological forces that created Howe Sound, how First Nations figure into Bowen Island’s history, the Union Steamship era, industrialization, and the rebirth of the region’s marine ecosystem.

Tours are organized in three different time increments: three-hours, day tours (six hours), or multi-day trips. The three-hour tours are suitable for families, beginners, and those who want a shorter adventure.

Each tour requires a minimum of two participants and may include up to six people. For larger groups, additional guides are available to ensure a safe and memorable experience. Tours of 10 or more may also be entitled to group discounts. Please phone to enquire. Bowen Island Sea Kayaking maintains a guide to participant ratio of 1:6.

Whether you seek a romantic tour replete with picnic and sunset, or want to challenge your buddies to an athletic, multi-day tour that incorporates hiking and camping, we are here to create a kayaking experience you will always remember.

Day tours include a box lunch from one of Bowen Island’s favorite cafes. Hearty meals for the multi-day tours are planned with participants’ dietary needs taken into account.

For group information, please visit our Groups page.

What to Bring

  • Hat and sunscreen
  • Sunglasses with “croakies” or keepers
  • Water bottle
  • Ziplock bag for cell phone, valuables
  • Synthetic (think gym wear) or wool clothing to protect from sun, wind, cold, and wet conditions. Recommended footwear: neoprene booties or other water shoes like Tevas. Running shoes are okay. Jeans, cotton shirts, and flip flops are NOT advised
  • For planning your trip and more information, please refer to our FAQs