Overnight Rentals

Bowen Island Sea Kayaking is pleased to be able to offer our fleet of single and double kayaks for overnight rentals and multiday trips around Howe Sound. The BC Marine Trails organization has spent a lot of effort creating lovely wilderness campsites around the Sound, in addition to the three provincial parks that were already established. These wilderness sites vary in size and accommodation. Some have bear boxes, some do not. Some have sleeping platforms. There are no toilets and visitors should practice safe disposal practices as outlined in the BCMT Code of Conduct. Some sites have seasonal fresh water creeks nearby but plans should be made with the assumption that you will not have access to fresh water.

To explore around Howe Sound requires a minimum of two nights though a one night trip to Halkett Bay or other nearby site is possible. You should always have time in your itinerary to spend an extra day on shore if the weather/wind makes paddling unsafe. The wind can really blow in the Sound. You should have the ability to obtain weather forecasts, know the tides, have appropriate first aid and be honest about your paddling abilities. It is highly recommended that you take a self-rescue course if you have not previously done so.

Fire bans are in effect all summer long and we encourage all visitors to follow Leave No Trace camping principles.

Additional information on overnight paddling tips can be found here. Please read this document. We will ask you if you have.

Overnight Reservations

Overnight rental reservations can be made by contacting our office at 604-947-9266 or info@bowenislandkayaking.com

Blue kayak on a beach pointing towards an island in the distance
Two logs on a beach pointing towards mountains in the distance
Person cooking eggs on a skillet on a camping stove on a beach. Island and mountains are shown in the background.

What to Bring

Be prepared for your adventure

Swimming apparel and change of clothes

Ziplock bag or Waterproof Case for cell phone, valuables

Hat, sunscreen and water bottle

Synthetic (think gym wear) or wool clothing

Motion sickness tablets, gum or candy. Take it 30 minutes before you arrive.

Neoprene booties or other water shoes like Tevas. Running shoes are okay.

Sunglasses with “croakies” or keepers

Jeans, cotton shirts, and flip flops are NOT advised

For planning your trip and more information, please refer to our FAQs

Rental Policy

All paddlers must sign a waiver to release Bowen Island Sea Kayaking from liability. Any damaged or lost gear will be charged to the renter at the full, retail price. Solo paddlers renting without a group must demonstrate their ability to return into the kayak after capsizing. All youth under the age of 19 must have waiver release forms signed by a parent or guardian and rent in groups of at least three unless renting with an adult. Youth between the ages of 6 and 15 may rent single or double kayaks when they are part of a school, club, or family group if they have waivers signed by a legal guardian or parent. During rentals every paddler must wear his or her personal flotation device when in or on the water. No alcohol or drug use permitted during rentals, tours or lessons. Staff reserves the right to postpone kayak trips, depending on weather conditions. If a rental must be cancelled by the operator credit will be given to the customer if the rental cannot be rescheduled to accommodate the customer.